Children's Wellbeing

Ashoka Changemakers and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation have launched an initiative to promote children’s wellbeing in the United States.

We believe that children thrive when they develop a strong sense of self, belonging, and purpose. These three elements of wellbeing are just as important as exercise and reading; they help children learn to care for others, develop resilience, and problem-solve in their families and communities.

In the first phase of the initiative, we'll be updating you on the three core activities we're working on:

  • Mapping social innovations in children’s wellbeing to understand key opportunities in the sector
  • Electing a cohort of extraordinary social innovators to help shape the agenda of the Children's Wellbeing Initiative
  • Nurturing a cross-sector network of funders, innovators, policy makers, and others to drive a shared vision for the wellbeing of children in the United States